Lodge Shallow Camp Dutch Ovens

Dutch Oven L6CO3 - 1 qt., 6-5/8" dia., 3" depth, 7 lbs.
L8CO3 - 2 qt., 8" dia., 3" depth, 9 lbs.
L10CO3 - 4 qt., 10" dia., 3-1/2" depth, 14lbs.
L12CO3 - 6 qt., 12" dia., 3-3/4" depth, 19lbs.
L14CO3 - 8 qt., 14" dia., 3-3/4" depth, 26 lbs.
L16CO3 - 12 qt., 16" dia., 4-1/4" depth, 31 lbs.

Sometimes called "bread ovens" the larger shallow camp Dutch ovens spread your heat source over more surface area for quicker cooking and give you more room for those tasty rolls and desserts. The 8 and 10 inch ovens will serve your needs for soups, stews, sides and individual entrees, even yesterday's leftovers. Use the 6 inch oven for sauces and gravy. The flanged lid for hot coals inverts for use as a griddle. Integral legs are for campfire, charcoal, and fireplace cooking. Two to 12 quart, ready to use camp Dutch ovens come with a complimentary copy of Camp Dutch Oven Cooking 101, a primer on outdoor Dutch oven cooking. Complete with illustrated guides and easy recipes. Lodge camp Dutch ovens are the official equipment of the Boy Scouts of America.

For more than 100 years Lodge Manufacturing has been perfecting the process of making the best cast iron cookware worldwide. To complete the process and add real consumer value Lodge now coats the entire surface of the cookware with a proprietary vegetable oil and bakes it into the pan, skillet, or Dutch oven at very high temperatures. The result is a smooth patina finish that can be utilized immedialely, and the old fashioned method of seasoning cast iron cookware avoided.

A Lodge Dutch oven has a hinged bail made of heavy gauge wire which is securely attached to molded tangs on the side of the oven and a loop handle that is attached to the lid allowing it to be easily hooked. The lids of camp style ovens are flanged, keeping the coals from sliding off of the lid and can be lifted while fully loaded with ash and coals. Lodge oven legs are an integral part of the oven, built to survive the wear and tear on your camping equipment. Finally, the lid of your Lodge camp oven can be used upside down as a griddle or a skillet.

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